Meet Our Team

At Hales Parker Dentistry you are taken care of by the most professional team possible. Everyone is credentialed and we focus on regular training with the team. One of the easiest ways for patients to improve their health is for their caretakers to listen. Communication is a skill we constantly practice and improve upon. This takes concentrated effort by those who are committed to being the best for those they serve. You can feel the utmost confidence that you are being taken care of by the best. ​

Kristi Parker RDH

Kristi is a registered dental hygienist. She is passionate about working with periodontally involved patients. She loves the challenge and feels fulfilled providing our patients with gentle care and an exceptional experience. She loves her work and the opportunity to help someone’s overall health by treating the gingival health. She is an expert in her field and always willing to help.

Lynsie Patient Concierge

Lynsie is a patient concierge here at Hales Parker Dentistry and has been here from day one. Patients really appreciate Lynsie’s ability to make them feel welcome, known, and appreciated. Her background in business communication helps her daily to walk patients through their health, treatment approaches, insurance, and financial questions. Her ability to make each person feel important and special is something that cannot be taught but is innate in her caring personality.

Dee Dee RDA

Dee Dee has spent her whole career in the dental field helping many patients along the way reach new heights and change their lives for the better. She moved here from Texas, where she was born and raised, and is officially addicted to the beach. She is a passionate person, and loves to inspire. Being around Dee Dee is a treat for all of us here at Hales Parker Dentistry. Not only does she spend her time here but she also spends weekends teaching around the country. She helps others find their passion in dentistry and in their patients, uplifting people’s lives around the nation.

Maria Rodriguez RDA

Maria brings over 20 years of assisting experience to our office. You will find her ability to relate to anyone and hold a conversation with you very relaxing. Her personality puts everyone at ease and her skills with dentistry are second to none! Maria will be here to ensure you visit is pleasant and you are taken care of throughout the visit. Maria is a proud mother of 2 and married to her high school sweetheart. She lives out in Corona so if you see her, don’t mention the traffic!

Elsa Sather RDH

Elsa has joined our team and is currently serving our patients on Wednesdays. She comes with a passion for the science of dentistry and stays up to date on the latest research and science. She is easy to get along with and you will feel extremely comfortable in her care.

Kim Hygiene Coordinator

Kim is our coordinator for our hygienists. She keeps your cleaning and gum disease treatment appointments organized and helps ensure your care is top notch​​. She brings a background rich in dentistry. Her passion for seeing people change and improving their health keeps her coming back to the dental profession. Her family at home keeps her plenty busy but she still finds time to help us provide a higher level of service for our friends and family here at Hales Parker Dentistry.

Julia Dyball RDH

Julia is another of our hygienists at Hales Parker Dentistry. Her love for her patients and the profession is very apparent when you are around her. Julia’s sister is a dentist and that is what sparked her interest in dental hygiene. Her ability to build relationships with her patients and be detail oriented is why patient’s love her so much. Her drive to consistently learn and improve is what makes her fit in so well here at Hales Parker Dentistry. She is a wonderful mother to 3 kids and lives right here in Ladera Ranch.

Heather Stevenson RDA

Heather is a local that has been assisting for over 20 years. Patients find that she is so easy to talk to. Her ability to make a visit easy and fun is second to none. Her skills and ability to continue to improve keeps her as one of the best dental assistants to work with. Having a quality dental assistant while the doctor is performing the various procedures helps the outcome be that much better for you, our patient. The time and expertise that Heather brings to Hales Parker Dentistry is appreciated each day.

Fabiola Van Deren RDA

Fabi helps our patients out on Friday by assisting Dr. Parker with various procedures. Her specialty is in surgical procedures such as implants and extractions. Her experience and skill set ensures a smooth and easy flow for our patients. A requirement at Hales Parker Dentistry is a comfortable personality and an ability to make our patients feel like friends and family. Fabi fits this perfectly. Her passion for dentistry is palpable and she is a joy to have on the team.