TMJ Treatment with DTR

Effective TMJ Treatment In Ladera Ranch

TMJ treatment with DTR Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa MargaritaMany patients have become frustrated and feel like there is nothing that can cure their TMJ disorder, or TMD. When you’ve been seeking migraine or headache relief for months or years, you can start to feel like you’ll never find it. You may have tried various types of TMJ treatment, including drugs and appliances. Drugs and appliances can be effective in some cases, but not always. Drugs often only lessen the symptoms rather resolve the issue with the joint itself. If treatments like drugs do work, they usually only temporarily provide headache relief and relief from other symptoms. TMJ treatment appliances add an extra step to your daily routine. Surgery is another option, but many patients would rather avoid this invasive and serious TMJ treatment.

Treat Your Symptoms at Their Source with DTR TMJ Treatment

TMD headache relief Ladera Ranch dentist Rancho Santa MargaritaThere’s another option. DTR, or Disclusion Time Reduction, is a TMJ treatment that effectively treats 65-70% of TMJ sufferers. This advanced TMJ treatment uses a T-Scan to make slight adjustments to the bite. The T-Scan is a pressure measuring system that gathers information on the way the teeth come in contact with one another. Dr. Parker can adjust the size of the teeth to modify the bite at his practice in Ladera Ranch near Mission Viejo. This may include sanding off small amounts of enamel or adding tooth-colored materials to the teeth. He also uses an EMG to detect the muscle activity around the jaw. The goal with each modification of the bite is to allow the muscles in the jaw to relax completely. When your muscles can finally relax, the symptoms brought on by the tension–like headaches, migraines, and muscle pain–will finally cease.

If you want lasting headache relief, you can turn to the professionals at Parker Dentistry in Ladera Ranch. Dr. Parker is the only DTR certified dentist in Orange County. DTR has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of treating TMD, and it does not require surgery or drugs. This TMD treatment takes just a few visits over 4-6 weeks to correct your bite. In the future, you can return for simple touch-ups so that your TMJ treatment can continue and you can remain free of any TMD issues.

Near Mission Viejo? Get Headache Relief in Ladera Ranch!

You deserve headache relief. There’s no need to suffer from any of the symptoms of TMD any longer. Give us a call in Ladera Ranch today to schedule an appointment so that we can give your muscles a break with DTR therapy if you are in the area, including Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita!