Ear, Neck, Face and Jaw Pain

Diagnosing Ear Pain and TMJ in Ladera Ranch

Couple from Mission Viejo with jaw pain, neck pain, ear pain, and face pain.
Ear pain is one of the symptoms that often accompanies temporomandibular joint disorder. Many of our Ladera Ranch – Mission Viejo area patients visit their doctors with ear pain, believing that they have an ear infection. Fortunately, there’s usually nothing wrong with their ears. Because the temporomandibular joint is located close to the ear canal, TMD sufferers may experience ear pain that comes and goes. This pain may worsen while chewing or yawning.

Neck Pain and TMJ

Neck pain, which can even spread down through the back, can also be caused by TMJ disorder. If TMJ disorder causes the bite to move out of alignment, this can create pain in the neck, back, and shoulders. When the key jaw muscles are affected, they tend to overwork until they become exhausted. When the joints are worn out, the neck muscles and other muscles of the body try to compensate, leaving them sore and tired as well.

Face Pain and TMJ

All of the muscles of the face tend to work harder when the temporomandibular joint is not functioning properly. The muscles right around the jawbone on either of the face work particularly hard. All of these muscles can become tight, sore, and exhausted. It is hard to smile and enjoy daily conversation with frequent face pain. If you have face pain, TMJ treatment in Ladera Ranch may be the best route for you.

Patients from Rancho Santa Margarita experiencing jaw, neck, ear, or face pain can get relief in Ladera Ranch.Jaw Pain and TMJ

Of course, jaw pain is a telltale sign of TMJ disorder. When your temporomandibular joint is inflamed and not functioning properly, the joint works harder than it normally does and jaw pain, aching, and swelling can occur. For some patients with TMJ disorder, the jaw may pop or lock. When the jaw locks, the jaw may become stuck in the open position, which can lead to further jaw pain.

Whether you are experiencing ear pain, neck pain, face pain, jaw pain, or all of the above, TMJ disorder may be the problem. Visit us soon to find out if we can relieve all of your discomfort with our top quality TMJ treatment. Give us a call today at Hales Parker Dentistry if you are in the Ladera Ranch area or surrounding communities of Mission Viejo or Rancho Santa Margarita!