What Makes DTR Therapy Unique?

Effective TMJ Treatment In Ladera Ranch

Headache and teeth grinding can be alleviated with TMJ treatment in Ladera Ranch.Because of the frequency of teeth grinding, dislocation, and other problems that affect the jaw joint, TMJ disorder is common. TMD can result in a relentless headache, ear ringing, and pain in the face and neck. If teeth grinding and a relentless headache are affecting your life, you can turn to Dr. Parker for Disclusion Time Reduction Therapy in Ladera Ranch. Disclusion Time Reduction therapy, or DTR, is curing 65-70% of the patients who are suffering from TMJ disorder. This TMJ treatment is so successful because it is unlike any other TMJ treatment method.

DTR is unique for the following reasons:

Strikes at the Source | Massage, drugs, and other TMJ treatment methods only temporarily lessen discomfort. Disclusion Time Reduction looks at the bite itself and sees how it is affecting the joint. Dr. Parker uses scanners to see how your teeth fit together and how the muscles are affected. He can then properly change the bite to relieve the tension in the TMJ.

Faster | Splints or mouth guards are worn every night, but they can take months and months to reduce headache and other TMD symptoms. DTR only requires a few visits to the dentist over a period of 4-6 weeks before you will notice results.

Teeth grinding is a problem for many Rancho Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo patients.

More Permanent | Because Dr. Parker completely changes your bite with DTR, the solution is long-lasting. When your teeth fit together well when clenched, your jaw will work properly and your muscles will finally be able to relax. You can return in the future for slight adjustments to maintain your perfect bite.

Advanced | DTR utilizes advanced computer technology to gather information about the way your teeth and muscles work. The T-Scan and the BioEMG can detect your unique needs so that Dr. Parker can make the correct changes.

Get TMJ Treatment in Ladera Ranch

Whether the cause of your TMD is teeth grinding, genetics, stress, or other causes, DTR can make a difference. DTR can provide you with perfect TMJ treatment and relief from headache, migraine, and muscle pain.

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